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No.7 Reinsurance

Reinsurance principles and its practical problems

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Ahmed Rafeek

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About the program

This program aims to provide the participants with a comprehensive understanding of the concept reinsurance and importance of reinsurance. This program will discuss the forms of reinsurance agreements between the direct insurer and reinsurer. This program will also discuss the recent trends in reinsurance market.

Learning outcomes
At the end of the programme, participants should be able to:
  • Understand the end of reinsurance and the technical and economic importance of it.
  • Explain the forms of reinsurance agreements.
  • Obtain a better under standing on the problems emerged from reinsurance.
  • Describe the recent trends in reinsurance field.
Who should attend

This program is made available to:

• Persons who work in reinsurance department in insurance companies and persons who work in industrial sector which is responsible for insurance portfolio.

Program outline
  • Reinsurance concept.
  • The importance of reinsurance.
  • Reinsurance technical accounts.
  • The macro and micro economic importance of reinsurance.
  • The forms of reinsurance agreement.
  • Proportional reinsurance agreement.
  • Non-proportional reinsurance agreement.
  • Reinsurance problems.
  • Claims handling.
  • Exchange rate problem.
  • Solving reinsurance problems
  • Recent trends in reinsurance.
  • Case studies.

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